Skip is a nickname I got when I was in Iraq, Welcome to my bid for President!
This is a word-by-mouth campaign.

Hoinoski & Tanner For 2016
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Judges 36-37 CEV; Just as Gideon needed proof that GOD was helping him, I Dale Hoinoski need proof that, it is GOD helping me to rescue and help America!

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Many individuals feel there are aliens to include alien abductions, and yet have a hard time believing in a "Living GOD" and then have trouble using the term "GOD" that has to do with the government, to include our schools; if so then please keep the current Republicans and Democrat's in office!


In-order to dial a number; it is necessary to select the number one (1) this is to insure you get English; in addition Tip Oneal has noted, "their are Grandmother's who have had the opportunity to learn English and/or become a American Citizen, yet we should not send them back to Mexico, I say, "No Amnesty" she and anyone else needs to learn the English Language first and go through the process to become an American Citizen and not just be granted amnesty! If you agree with Mr. Oneal then please keep all the current Democrats and Republicans in office!

They created the problem then fix it right, "Learn English and become an American Citizen!

Contact me today to show support for a presidential candidate striving to defend the constitution.

Call if you would wish to hear my concerns in person!

Committees help raise funds and can also be used to obtain signatures in order that my name will appear on your states presidential election ballot!

Our campaign committee name is Hoinoski & Tanner 2016.

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